Wifi performance

If your wifi connection gets slow, one reason might be the channel your router is using is also used by too many neighbours’ wifis ! (as explained here).

So the steps are :
1) Check which channel your router is currenty using.
Easiest (and free 😉 ) is using the cmd line :
netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid (source).
More advanced checks can be performed with free graphical tools such as : xirrus wifi inspector

This will list all the wifi connections available in your vicinity, with the indication of the channel used.
So if your connection is sharing a channel with several others, then changing channel might definitely be worth trying.

2) Change the channel of your router.
In most cases, you need to connect to your provider’s online account to do that. On Free, you will find the setting under : Ma Freebox > Paramétrer mon réseau wifi > Choix du canal wifi.
A restart of the freebox is necessary to take the new setting into account.

3) Optional step : make sure your computer does use the same channel, as stated here and there (more windows 8 oriented).
Yet, in my case, the improvement of the wifi connection was significant without doing step 3…

That’s all folks, enjoy !

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